8 music genres in Spain you never thought existed

Diversity in Spain

Spotify has identified 8 music genres in Spain that you probably never knew existed, but are alive and kicking.


Musical tastes across Spain and the World

This is Carto's interactive musical map of the world, driven by Spotify data. Each green dot is a playlist. The playlists for Spain, its cities and the rest of the World are driven by the music played in each location.


Click a city to hear music distinctive to that city — songs that are enjoyed there disproportionately a lot relative to in other places. It’s a great way to understand and compare the musical character of well over a thousand cities worldwide.

Click a country to hear:

  • Distinctive music: played there disproportionately relative to in other countries
  • Emerging music: just starting to take hold
  • Popular music: streaming from windows, headphones, and cars
  • Viral music: shared left and right

Source and credits: Spotify Insights, Spotify data alchemist Glenn McDonald, Carto