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The Spanish economy has experienced a marked turnaround since 2013 following reforms implemented in response to the crisis. Substantial external adjustment also took place, also supported by improvements in cost-competitiveness. For the first time in close to thirty years, Spain has a current account surplus in a period of positive growth. The political landscape has been uncertain since the Dec-15 elections. What is the outlook?

  • What are the risks present in the economy and how can they be navigated?
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The purpose is to capture key learnings useful to companies and investors outside Spain who may be looking to grow their business in Spain. A lot of business guides serve the business traveller well but much of what Spain is really like as a business environment can be quite opaque to non-Spanish speakers. There are a number of ways through it. The objective of this site is to provide that transparency.

Dhruv Kumar is a Londoner based in Spain since 2014, and a management consultant with a passion for helping startups and mature businesses to identify limits to growth and plot their way forward.

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